Transforming Pole Barns Into Barn Homes

by John on October 31, 2011

These days you can transform anything into a homey, comfortable living space. From on old warehouse to an old pole barn, as long as you renovate it in such a way to have all your needs for living and let your creative juices flow then you will come up with something spectacular and a structure that will be envied by many. Transforming pole barns into barn homes are quite common these days so if you have an old pole barn that you want to save and make into a useful space, then go ahead and turn it into a lovely home. It will definitely be an exciting project and one that you and your family will enjoy living in.

Step 1

When you have an old barn that you want to turn into a home, the first thing you should do is to find a designer who can help you make the structure into an actual livable space. A pole barn plan will have to be developed to help make the living space one that is useful and contains everything that you and your family would need to live there. Plus having a plan ready will make the constructing barn homes easier for the contractor. Remember that hiring a designer will help enhance the original structure of the pole barn to truly make your home a barn home, which is a perfect design for the countryside.

Step 2

It doesn’t mean that you have to tear down the entire old structure of the pole barn. As much as possible, salvage whatever part you can and make use of it. Certainly it would be a good idea to keep the original poles of the barn that holds the entire structure. Simply reinforce this and make sure that it can hold up the whole building without any difficulties. Since pole barns usually have high ceilings, adding a second floor to barn homes isn’t difficult at all. Besides another floor will definitely increase the floor space of your home making way for more people.

Barn HomesStep 3

When choosing materials, you can still use all the same materials as you normally would in any home. All you need to do is pick a theme for barn homes and stick with it so that it can be seen throughout the design of your home. With a theme, you will find it a lot easier to pick out materials and decide which ones to use. Anything from stone, drywall, granite, ceramic tiles, and hardwood flooring are all typical materials that you may want to consider.

Step 4

Nowadays it has become a popular trend for homeowners to build their pole barns on their own. But when it comes to barn homes, it is recommended that you hire a contractor to do it for you. If you have never built anything before, then you definitely should leave the building of your home to professionals. This way you can be sure that your home is a safe place to live and one that won’t just collapse and fall apart. Extra care must be taken since people are actually going to live in this structure.

Building barn homes is a great idea, especially if you already have an old structure that you want to improve on. No matter how old and shabby it is, as long as you let your creativeness run wild then you will end up with something you love. Always consider your personal style and what will make you happy and comfortable. Your home is your sanctuary so you need to do what you can to make it one.



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