Building a 2-Story Pole Barn

by John on August 2, 2011

Some of you might be wondering if a pole barn can be two stories. In fact it can and it has been done by a lot of people. A 2-story pole barn is an incredible investment and isn’t that hard to achieve either. With a pole barn plan meant for two stories, you shouldn’t have any difficulty building. If you are looking to add value to your property, having a pole barn is ideal, but a 2-story pole barn is even better with all the uses it provides. Find out all about building a 2-story pole barn right here.

Why Build a 2-Story Pole Barn?

Aside from the fact mentioned earlier that adding a 2-story pole barn to your property adds more value in comparison to a regular pole barn, this structure also gives a lot more space. The best part is, even if there is a lot of added space, this can all be done without having to add much more money your investment of building a pole barn. Of course you can use the extra space for anything you want. You have the option to make it extra storage space for your things, or even something else.

2-Story Pole BarnWhat To Do With the Second Story of the Pole Barn

There are lots of other things you can do with the extra space you will get from building a 2-story pole barn. Making it storage is a given, but if you don’t want to use it for storage, you can even make it a living space. These days, there are plenty of people who have been making the second story of their pole barn kits an apartment or a loft. This is very easy to do and makes for a great place inexpensive place to stay in.

Picking a 2-Story Pole Barn Plan

If you are considering living in your 2-story pole barn, then it is important to get good, sturdy plans for this. When picking from the different plans available, pick one that is can easily be followed with step-by-step instructions. To do this, you need to go through the instructions before choosing the plan to ensure that you aren’t confused with any of the steps provided. Never construct without reading the plans so that you aren’t caught off guard. You need to be prepared before pole building and to do this you need to know the procedure you will be doing.

What Should Be Included in the Plan

The pole barn plans that you use must consist of a full, detailed list of the materials you will be using. From the bolt, screw, nail, and anything else, these should all be listed down with the quantity required. In addition, these plans must also include full cut sheets for every part of the lumber. Having all these things in the plan will guarantee that you will complete your project easily with the least amount of time and material since nothing goes to waste.

When you use a good quality 2-story pole barn plan, you won’t encounter any difficulties when building a pole barn. This is a very easy structure to build, but being prepared is key to ensuring that nothing goes wrong. Regardless of how easy it is, having everything ready before construction is still a must. After building, you might also want to paint the structure after. You can just as easily learn how to paint a metal pole barn to achieve that. The beauty of building pole sheds is that not only are these easy to build, but they are very useful and affordable at the same time.


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