How to Paint a Metal Pole Barn

by John on July 29, 2011

Some homeowners might feel that painting a pole barn is only for the purpose of making it look good. But in fact, in addition to making it look better, painting it will add more years to the durability of the structure. When you are considering painting, keep in mind that that you should plan carefully and do it as best you can the first time around because eventually it will end up cheaper. If you scrimp on the paint, you will have to pay a lot more in the long run. Investing your time and investing in good quality paint will ensure that you will have a great looking, durable pole barn to last you a lifetime. Find out how to paint a metal pole barn right here.

Materials Needed

Before doing anything, you need to purchase and gather all the materials necessary to accomplish this project of painting your metal pole barn. Of course you will need paint but the amount you need will depend on the size of the area you will be painting so make sure to get that settled first. Then you will need a rust-inhibitive primer that will prevent the metal from becoming damaged from rust. If your barn is a steel building made from high quality steel, you should not have to worry about rusting. You will need a paint scraper or a power washer to remove loose paint. Also a disk sander, scaffolding, ladders, and a paintbrush, paint roller, or a paint gun.

Getting Started

If you happen to be repainting your metal pole barn, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of any loose paint that is on the surface. To do this, you may use a paint scraper, or a power washer on a setting. Be very careful in removing the paint so that you don’t damage the surface. After, you will need to clean the surface area that you are going to paint. Make sure to rinse it and dry it well before applying any paint. Use the disk sander to get rid of any rusts in the metal. Do this until you the metal is free of rusts.

How to Paint a Metal Pole BarnPreparing the Surface With Primer

Now you can get started with the actual painting. Before using your paint of choice, you will first have to use primer. Make sure to cover any doors, windows, plants, and other items that you don’t want paint to fall on. You may use clothes, tarps, and masking tape to keep these things covered. To help you reach all areas that have to be painted, make sure to have the appropriate scaffolding and ladders. Use the equipment with care as to not cause any injury. Finally you are ready and you can begin with using the rust-inhibitive primer paint on the areas with rust. You need to treat rust well so that it doesn’t spread.

Applying Paint

When purchasing paint, it is ideal for you to use a good quality acrylic paint because this dries faster and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This is also the right paint to use when applying paint on metal. Regardless if you will be using a paintbrush, paint roller, or a paint gun, make sure to test the paint on a patch of the surface first to see if you need to make any adjustments. The best time do paint is during warm weather so schedule this project during summer. When painting, apply one coat each time and wait for the first coat to dry until you paint another coat.

With all these pointers, now you know how to paint a metal pole barn. If you have pole barn sheds in your property, consider painting them to help them last longer, plus it will look pretty too.


Photo By: Ian Enos

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